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Raise Your Voice

The project aims to impact SDG #5 by fostering educational spaces that generate awareness about gender related issues and build initiatives to work on solutions to stop gender inequality in communities around the globe. Project beneficiaries: women/ gender non-conforming support centers
6 weeks
SDG contribution
Every project we run focuses on a target to help meet the Global Goals.
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Gender Equality - Target 5.1
By 2030, End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere
About the job and the activities you will be doing.
Global Volunteers will be responsible for creating and delivering workshops and activities aiming to engage people towards gender equality. They will also deliver activities to raise awareness on gender discrimination and how to fight it. by creating more diverse and equal spaces for all genders vie reaching and educating people.

Project Activities

  • Week 1
    Determine measure of outcome system and material to be use
    Onboarding space with NGO representative to understand the context and urgent needs of the community regarding gender equality
    Analyse historical gender equality movements and current legislation regarding women and gender non-conforming people in the country
    Visit community leaders with different backgrounds to understand their insights on women empowerment and gender equality in the area
    Create and preparatory material for the sessions,dynamics and workshops of the following weeks.
  • Week 2
    Workshop: What does equality means? (explore the concept beyond gender)
    Conduct initial assessment with beneficiaries to measure the level of understanding about gender discrimination and their legal rights.
    Introductory session about the project objectives, presentation of volunteers and introduction to SDG 5.
    Activity: watch "Power Up 19 Conference" and create a discussing space to get main outputs
    Workshop: Exploring the concept of gender.
  • Week 3
    Workshop: Closing the gap. How to generate opportunities for women and gender non-conforming people to access leadership positions?
    Workshop: Gender roles, stereotypes and microaggressions
    Practice: Perform role-plays that explore inclusion, identity and gender roles
    Workshop: The importance of women and gender non-conforming representation on politics
    Workshop: Inspiration around the world. Let’s check inspiring examples of women and gender non-conforming leadership.
  • Week 4
    Capacity Building: Project planning for beginners.
    Run capacity building session depending on the needs and demands of the beneficiaires.
    Capacity Building: Empowering others. How to empower those around me?
    Capacity Building: My rights and how to advocate for gender equality
  • Week 5
    Interviewing local women and gender non-conforming people about their experiences; if possible, showcasing the experiences.
    Open mic and sharing space on "My Body My Choice".
    Preparation for the Gender Equality Festival, search for local partners and advocates that can showcase projects and participate with speeches.
  • Week 6
    Build final project report and presented to AIESEC members and NGO/non-profit representatives.
    Collect data from project beneficiaries (you can use surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.)
    Analyse data to determinate outcome results.
    Celebrate a Gender Equality Festival.
  • Week 7
  • Week 8

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