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Develop yourself
Develop self-management and interpersonal skills through practical learning experiences to emerge as a well-rounded individual.
Learn to lead
Get an empowering & challenging environment where you can develop into a value-driven leader.
Build your network
Connect with people from all over the world and build your own local and international network of like-minded young people.
Connect with aiesec impact
Contribute for a better world through the programs we offer and further leadership opportunities.


It takes only 3 steps to become an AIESEC member

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    Sign up

    Create an account on our platform and fill in all the details on your profile.

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    Go through our selection process

    Each of our local teams has specific times of the year when new members are recruited. After you sign up, you will get to know what are the next steps to become a member of your local team.

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    Welcome Onboard!

    If you are successful in the selection process, you will then be welcomed into one of our teams, receive an induction, and start a new role as a team member. Your leadership development experience starts now!

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For me, AIESEC has been the place where I was allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, and become a better person every single day.”

The roles we offer
When you join one of our local teams located in over 109 countries and territories, you are allocated to a specific department.
While each local team has different structures and the department names can vary, these are the main areas you could gain practical experience in.

We create value-driven leaders

AIESEC enables you to develop the values we believe leaders should live by.

Leaders Value Creative
Leaders Value Creative
Demonstrating Integrity

By doing what's right over what's easy, you develop leadership that demonstrates integrity.

Leaders Value Creative
Striving for Excellence

By taking up challenging opportunities with AIESEC, you get to continuously grow through creativity and innovation.

Leaders Value Creative
Enjoying Participation

At AIESEC, you get to celebrate and enjoy the way we are and put your youthful energy and enthusiasm in everything you do.

Leaders Value Creative
Acting Sustainably

In various leadership roles at AIESEC, you get to make long-term decisions that build your mindset to also think of your future generations and live sustainably.

Leaders Value Creative
Activating Leadership

At AIESEC, you get to lead by example and with empathy by taking responsibility of inspiring others to lead as well.

Leaders Value Creative
Living Diversity

You get to work in inclusive spaces that allow you to truly be yourself and embrace each others' differences as a strength.

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Join one of our local teams and develop yourself through practical experiences in the world’s largest youth-led organization.
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