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English Teacher in Menofia

Menofia Courses Academy ·Ashmun, Madinet Ashmoun, Ashmoun, Menofia Governorate, Egypt

7000 EGP per month

This would be your gross salary for this job opportunity.


These are the backgrounds this opportunity is associated with.


These are the locally spoken languages that you’ll have to know.
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About Menofia Courses Academy

An Academy that seeks to develop youth English skills


About the job and it’s activities


Working hours

Monday to Thursday, - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday, - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Delivering lessons to improve student's skill

Assigning Activities to facilitate student's consolidation of learning material

Conducting some placement tests for new students

Filming short videosfortheacademy


The steps involved in being recruited for this job.
  • 1
    CV Review
  • 2
    Motivational Video
  • 3
    Final Decision


What you’ll be provided with during your stay

Benefits of becoming a volunteer

Get certified as a Global Volunteer
Develop a set of leadership qualities through our Leadership Development Assessments
Get personal & professional training by the local office abroad
Impact the world for the better by contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals