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Kırmızı Otobüs·Konak, Türkiye

13000 TRY per month

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Linguistics, Education, Languages

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About Kırmızı Otobüs

"Red Bus Preschool," aiming to be the "New Generation Preschool," prioritizes nurturing individuals who are self-confident, curious, able to express themselves comfortably, sensitive to their surroundings and themselves, and capable of asking questions and questioning, meeting the expectations of the 21st century. With our 25 years of experience in the education sector and being among Turkey's reputable brands, managed by us, following "Bemar Career Schools" and "British Town Foreign Language Schools," we aim to contribute to the development of our children who embark on life with "Red Bus Preschool" as qualified individuals. We are pleased to contribute to the physical development of our children by organizing joint activities in collaboration with our "Carrera Sports Facility" in Izmir Mistral during the summer and autumn seasons. Our education system implements a bilingual education model, with one "Preschool Teacher" and one "English Teacher" serving simultaneously in each class. All our students are provided with and use the "Lingokids Play Learning™" application, prepared based on the "Oxford University Press" curriculum, free of charge. In our branches, we monitor the development of our children through psychological counseling and guidance services, providing the support needed for both parents and students. With the specially developed "Red Bus" application for parents, they can track the progress of their children's education, access school meal lists, and newsletters. Our "Red Bus Preschools," providing education to 3-6 year-old preschool children, operate with a total of 4 branches in Izmir Bornova (across from Forum AVM), Çiğli (Evka-2 region), Gaziemir, and Nazilli district of Aydın province.


About the job and it’s activities


Working hours

Monday to Friday, - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Prepare original class materials.
  • Organise a schedule across several locations.
  • Prepare written tests for students.
  • Conduct private or group classes.
  • Mark homework and tests.
  • Invoice clients for work completed.


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