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SAM GUARD·Cluj-Napoca, România


This job opportunity is unpaid.

Business administration, Computer engineering

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SAM Guard is a start-up offering Software Asset Management and licensing solutions. We help organizations optimize their software investments, ensure license compliance, and achieve their business objectives through innovative solutions and expert services.


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Working hours

Monday to Friday, - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

We are seeking a motivated and creative Sales Business Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for implementing sales practices using automated tools, sending emails, and creating visually appealing sales and promotional materials. This role requires a high aesthetic sense to design catchy email templates, flyers, and presentations. The candidate will also develop and execute strategies to build up our sales and promo materials based on documented processes. This position offers an excellent opportunity for a junior professional to grow and make a significant impact on our sales operations.

1.    Sales Implementation:

o        Utilize automated AI sales tools to streamline and enhance sales processes.

o        Implement AI email marketing campaigns to generate leads and nurture prospects.

o        Develop and maintain a sales pipeline, ensuring timely follow-up on leads and opportunities.

2.        Content Creation:

o        Design and create visually appealing email templates that capture attention and drive engagement.

o        Develop compelling flyers and presentations to support sales pitches and promotional activities.

o        Ensure all materials align with brand guidelines and maintain a high standard of aesthetic quality.

3.        Material Development:

o        Build comprehensive sales and promotional materials for our software asset management and licensing practice.

o        Collaborate with internal teams to gather necessary information and insights for material development.

o        Continuously update and refine materials based on feedback and changing business needs

o         Enrich and improve website content 

4.        Sales Support:

o        Assist in preparing sales proposals and quotes for potential clients.

o        Provide support in organizing and coordinating sales events, webinars, and other promotional activities.

o        Maintain accurate records of sales activities and client interactions in the CRM system.

5.        Market Research and Analysis:

o        Conduct market research to identify potential customers and market trends.

o        Analyze competitor offerings and identify opportunities for differentiation.

o        Provide insights and recommendations based on research findings to improve sales strategies.

6.        Customer Engagement:

o        Engage with potential and existing clients through various communication channels.

o        Build and maintain strong relationships with clients to ensure satisfaction and loyalty.

o        Address client inquiries and provide timely and accurate information about our products and services.

7.        Collaboration and Teamwork:

o        Work closely with the sales, marketing, and product teams to align strategies and achieve common goals.

o        Participate in team meetings and contribute ideas for improving sales and promotional efforts.

o        Collaborate with the design team to ensure consistency in visual communication across all materials.


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