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[Impact Brazil]-PMO Intern

Automa Power & Utilities·Jundiaí - Aglomeração Urbana de Jundiaí, Jundiaí - SP, Brasil

4000 BRL per month

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Business administration, Electrical engineering

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English, Spanish

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About Automa Power & Utilities

Get to know Automa: Automa is a Brazilian company that was born in 2006, as a result of a college project, in a small student dorm room, with zero capital, and which has become the leading company in providing technological solutions for operation and efficiency gains. for the electrical sector. In 18 years, we have gained the trust of large energy companies, with more than a thousand projects delivered, fifty operations centers, more than two hundred substations carrying our brand and a total of 38 gigawatts of power installed in renewable plants using our solutions. This means that we are present in a quarter of all renewable generation in Brazil. We are directly linked to two major movements: energy transition and digital transformation. The combination of these two movements and a highly collaborative and innovative culture has been a major driver of our growth. Today we are a team of more than two hundred people, made up of brilliant professionals obsessed with exceeding our customers' expectations, offering innovative solutions that will make substations and plants more productive and safe. Here we work hard not to waste a drop of water, a breath of wind or a ray of sunlight that could be transformed into clean energy. The positive impact generated by our solutions is capable of preventing the emission of more than twenty-seven thousand tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere. If anyone in Brazil now presses a switch and the light bulb comes on, you can believe that there is a bit of Automa making this happen. So what do we do? “We help bring reliable and efficient energy to our country and the world. Our home is called planet Earth, and it is this home that we must take care of.” And with this purpose, we are expanding our operations, so that we can not only impact Brazil, but the entire world with our solutions and services. Automa Culture and Values: At Automa we have strong culture and values. We reinforce our commitment so that all people and teams have as principles the care for people, collaboration, innovation, excellence and trust. We are looking for people who have a cultural fit with our company, the biggest differentiator for our opportunities being: People: At Automa, we value and respect people. They are at the center of all our decisions. In everything we do, we seek to reconcile our professional objectives with the well-being of all employees, working with respect, empathy and transparency in each attitude. Collaboration: We are a unique team. Collaboration is the basis of our growth. We join forces to grow and prosper together. Supporting, assisting and cultivating an environment of mutual growth. We prioritize collective success in balance with individual success. Innovation: Innovation is in our DNA. Innovation and technology are an essential part of our identity. In addition to our pioneering efforts in solutions for the electrical sector, we remain committed to exceeding expectations and constantly evolving. And that means: looking for the latest trends, embracing new technologies and moving towards an increasingly sustainable world with opportunities for everyone. Excellence: Excellence in everything we do. Excellence is our trademark. Here each project is meticulously planned to provide the most extraordinary experience to our customers. We maintain a serious commitment to high quality in all our deliveries. Trust: Trust above all. Trust is a fundamental pillar of all our relationships. It is with it that we build lasting partnerships with employees, suppliers and customers. Ethics and transparency are non-negotiable for us.


About the job and it’s activities


Working hours

Monday to Friday, - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Help promote the sharing of practices, tools and rituals in project management;
  • Learn processes and standardization of tools to support efficient project management;
  • Support leaders in monitoring/delivering project activities, reporting and governance;
  • Monitor billing for project financial events with the PMO and finance teams;
  • Support project registration and assist in requesting administrative/financial activities


The steps involved in being recruited for this job.
  • 1
    CV analysis
  • 2
    Interviews Aiesec
  • 3
    Interviews Manager
  • 4
    Aiesec pay fee local


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