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Sales & Marketing Intern

Ashaya Recyclers Private Limited·Pune, Maharashtra, India

30000 INR per month

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Sales, Business administration, Marketing

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About Ashaya Recyclers Private Limited

Without by Ashaya Recyclers Private Limited is a pioneering impact-first startup dedicated to transforming waste into valuable resources through deep tech innovations while uplifting marginalized waste-pickers in India. Our flagship product, rSunglasses, showcases our ability to recycle "impossible-to-recycle" multi-layered plastic (MLP) waste into high-quality materials. Since our inception, we've integrated 10 former waste-pickers into our supply chain and doubled their incomes. Our mission is to increase the value of waste, drive sustainability, and create dignified livelihoods for waste-pickers, aiming for a systemic impact on poverty and environmental challenges.


About the job and it’s activities


Working hours

Monday to Friday, - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

1. Assist in marketing campaign creation and execution.

2. Manage social media to enhance brand presence. 

3. Develop content for various marketing channels.

4. Conduct market research to identify opportunities.

5. Support sales initiatives and nurture customer relationships.

6. Analyze data to optimize strategies.

7. Participate in team brainstorming sessions.

8. Help organize promotional events.

9. Collaborate with cross-functional teams.


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    CV Screening
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    AIESEC Interview
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    Company Interview
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