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Institut Poincaré de Carthage·Carthage Byrsa, Tunisie

550 TND per month

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About Institut Poincaré de Carthage

Centre multinational de formation en langues vivantes, soutien scolaire et assistance à l'immigration


About the job and it’s activities


Working hours

Monday to Friday, - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Marketing strategy :

  • Develop strategic marketing plans to achieve marketing objectives.

the institute.

  • Identify market trends and growth opportunities.
  • Collaborate with the management team to define priorities and budgets


Campaign Management:

  • Design and execute online and offline advertising campaigns.
  • Oversee the creation of marketing materials such as videos and posters
  • Monitor and analyze campaign performance, adjusting

strategies as needed.

Digital Marketing :

  • Manage social media activities and maintain an online presence


  • Create engaging content for social media.

Analysis and Reports:

  • Use analysis tools to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns


  • Prepare regular reports on performance and KPIs.
  • Provide data-driven recommendations to optimize

future marketing efforts.


The steps involved in being recruited for this job.
  • 1
    AIESEC Interview
  • 2
    Portfolio Check


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