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Sustainability intern

FoodInsights·'s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

1300 EUR per month

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Business administration, Sustainability, Accounting

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English, German

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About FoodInsights

Innovation should be a smooth ride, complexity is a thing of the past. At FoodInsights we reduce complexity by connecting stakeholders with IT solutions for supply chains to succeed today and tomorrow. Creating products that are good for business, community and environment.


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Working hours

Monday to Friday, - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

In this internship assignment, we mainly ask for support in completing the qualitative (descriptive) part of the report. Together with the client, the organisation's value chain must be clarified, you carry out a stakeholder analysis and determine the material (relevant) themes. In order to draw up the report a large amount of data needs to be collected from the client and its stakeholders regarding the three ESG themes. You use this data to create a clear sustainability report. Our clients operate in the agri-food sector, which also includes slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.


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    open opportunity
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    selection and shortlist announcement
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    interviews with company


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