Image: Associate, Public Equity & Credit Clients (Japanese Speaker)
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Associate, Public Equity & Credit Clients (Japanese Speaker)

Third Bridge Group Limited·Hong Kong

25000 HKD per month

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Business administration

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English, Japanese

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About Third Bridge Group Limited

At Third Bridge, we’re a primary research business providing professional services to Private and Public Equity Investors, Investment Consultants, Investment Managers, and more. We help those investors understand companies and the issues they face. We build and share intelligence on key industry drivers and the latest sector trends. And we offer the kind of critical knowledge that’s regularly overlooked by conventional investment research and which investors won’t find anywhere else on the planet. Put simply, we’re creating the world’s largest database of human insights — and we’re the architects of an incredible ecosystem that fuels better and faster investment decisions. Together, we're on a mission to design, build, and deliver a different kind of future. It’s all about creating a space where people are empowered to make bold moves, explore new ways of working, and go where no one has ever gone before.


About the job and it’s activities


Working hours

Monday to Friday, - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Understand Public Equity client needs and the most relevant experts that could help them.
  • Deliver excellent client service by being a fast, responsive, thoughtful and proactive research partner.
  • Engage with industry experts for our clients by reaching out over the phone to understand whether they are the right fit.
  • Negotiate and persuade experts to connect with our clients at short notice, scheduling calls as soon as possible whilst operating within our industry-leading compliance framework.
  • After 4-5 months, youll be driving the long-term performance of your book of business by understanding the clients research needs and monitoring how our content can best help them on a continual basis.


The steps involved in being recruited for this job.
  • 1
    CV Screening
  • 2
    @ Interview
  • 3
    Company Interview - Stage 1
  • 4
    Company Interview - Stage 2 & 3


What you’ll be provided with during your stay

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Apply your skills and knowledge in a practical environment.
International Exposure - Experience working in new cultures and industries.
Our programs can help you live the leadership values: (Activating Leadership, Acting Sustainably, Striving for Excellence, Living Diversity, Enjoying Participation and Demonstrating Integrity)
Receive AIESEC Support for Selection (assistance with your application to opportunities and selection process).
Depending on the opportunity, you will receive either a salary to cover your costs or be provided with accommodation for the duration of your experience abroad.