Start cooking and Stop eating pizza

Blogpost writer: Jakub Wolf

Food is awesome. Who doesn’t love a good meal? It lifts our spirits and gets us through the day. And there are so many different options, you’ll always be able to try something new. In that sense, we are very privileged. But not everyone is. There are still many countries, where hunger and starvation are a huge issue. And our consumption and production patterns show a lack of concern for these people. Would we throw away this much food if we cared?

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On March 15th an analysis made by the United Nations and humanitarian partners was released, which states that 17 million people in Yemen are hungry, which shows an increase of 20% in the last 9 months. () Due to the conflict in Yemen, the economical situation is disastrous. It’s currently one of the worst hunger crises in the entire world!

Meanwhile, according to the FAO of the United Nations, roughly ⅓ of the food produced for human consumption in the world, which equals to around 1.3 billion tonnes, gets lost or wasted. I’m sure we all had those days, where we simply went out to eat even though we had perfectly good food at home that we just didn’t feel like eating. Some days later, we threw that food away because we never ate it. But for some people food isn’t a source of entertainment or some kind of hobby. It it literally the thing that stands between life and death.

In AIESEC we have many projects, where you can go abroad and help those people in need. In Malaysia, for example, being a melting pot of cultures, there is a lot of different cuisines there. However, around 15.000 tonnes of food are wasted there every day. With AIESEC you can go there, raise awareness and contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 12. Every bit helps. If you don’t want to go abroad, there are still things you can do at home. Next time you are shopping for food, make sure you aren’t buying excessive amounts that will just end up in the trash. You know yourself, you know what you like and you know how much you can eat. And whenever you have food at home, don’t go out to eat. Cook yourself a nice meal at home and I guarantee that it will taste a lot better than anything else you can get at a restaurant (or a food truck, I don’t judge).

And finally, this is not a one man effort. Tell your friends not to waste food, tell them about the people in Yemen and be an ambassador for sustainable consumption!


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