Help us to #UpgradeYourWorld

AIESEC is thrilled to take part in #UpgradeYourWorld initiative Microsoft has launched in order to find its 10th Global Nonprofit Partner!

From July 29th until August 23rd, people around the world will vote for their favorite non-profits, which are making the world a better place. The winner, chosen by the public vote, will become the 10th global nonprofit partner of Microsoft and win $500,000, technology and support from Microsoft to continue to #UpgradeYourWorld.

How can I vote for AIESEC?

If AIESEC is your favorite global non-profit, share your vote on
1. Twitter: Tweet mentioning@AIESEC and hashtags #voteand #UpgradeYourWorld
2. Facebook: Visit this Facebook post from Windows.(http://on.fb.me/1JS8oFB). Comment by tagging @AIESEC #vote #UpgradeYourWorld.
3. Instagram: Post tagging @aiesecglobal and hashtags #vote and #UpgradeYourWorld

Example: I #Vote for @AIESEC to #UpgradeYourWorld. Let the youth voice be heard across the globe. Join & tweet

4. You can also vote by going to the official #UpgradeYourWorld page, adding our Twitter or Facebook handle (@AIESEC) and sharing this post on one of the two social media platforms.

Feel free to include text, photos or videos that showcase how AIESEC upgrades the world every day, how we impact communities across the world and what makes us unique. If you do this, please make sure the media meets the criteria listed above.

When should I vote?

You can vote once every day from July 29th until August 23rd.


Why should I vote for AIESEC?

AIESEC has been developing young leaders for more than 60 years now in more than 126 countries and territories. Through membership and global internship programs we have developed leaders we believe will help push the humanity forward; leaders who are are self-aware, world citizens, able to empower others and always strive to find solutions.

In the last five years, we mobilized more than 90 000 young people who went on volunteer internships abroad to undergo personal development journey by volunteering to tackle major global issues such as eradicating poverty, improving literacy, combating climate change, improving cultural understanding and many others.

In the past five years we also helped more than 23 000 young people find global professional paid internships in the companies of our partners. Global professional internships have not only contributed to young people developing personally and professionally, but have made then more employable and better prepared for the future.
Being the 10th Global Non-Profit Partner of Microsoft would help us scale our impact, help thousands of young people activate their leadership potential and bring us a step closer to our organization’s mission and vision – Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential.

Thank you so much for choosing to vote for us!
For any additional information, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/upgradeyourworld

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