Hear us out 2

Hear us out.

Dear we-don’t-want-to-listen-unless-we-have-to,

Hear us out.

I am a millennial, all my friends are millennials, we struggle to juggle between daily stigma. The right-things, the solid-jobs, the you-are-successful-when’s.

While going through an identity crisis every year when making a new year’s resolution, we will tell you we have figured it all out and hold up to the millennial pride.

While not being able to recite all our ancestors’ precious lessons, we can tell you the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for a better future, for all.

While not being able to pay attention to the daily family dinner conversations, we also did crowdsource the entire leukaemia treatment bill for a friend who lives on the other side of the world. And yes, on our phones.

We are your sons and daughters, grand kids for others. We probably are who you were a few years or decades ago, equally confused about what’s next. For those who had the gut to hold up the co-founder titles, we are your peers.

Yes, we want to know, putting down all our pride, and yes, we want to listen to you, especially when we have no idea where to go after 12 years of step by step schooling.

(Just maybe not under that immense anxiety of having to listen to the judgements that come along.)

It’s a 15 minutes survey, but take it as a coffee break that you can heart-to-heart talk to your youngsters.

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