Do you care about the world?

Blogpost writer: Jakub Wolf

Would you recycle if you didn’t know that you should? Would you wear pants if you didn’t know that you should? Of course not, because how would you know? The same goes for contributing to the well-being of our planet. How are you supposed to know to do something, if you don’t even know what’s wrong?

Most of us have their lives planned out in a certain way, we have ambitions and dreams that we want to fulfill. Have you ever planned to help other people? To make sure that the environment is safe? It’s not something that most of us are taught. It’s something that we have to do ourselves.

Our world is not in a great place at the moment. Look at the front page of any newspaper, and there will probably be some kind of negative story on there. But why should you care, right? Sure, you feel sorry for those poor kids in third world countries and for the poor whales in the ocean. But there’s nothing you can really do, right? Well, wrong.

The first step to contributing to the well-being of our society is to educate yourself. Take half an hour every day, read about the problems that we are currently facing, read about where people are suffering and where they need help.

AIESEC is an organization where we believe leadership is one of the fundamental solutions to the world’s problems. With a term like leadership being very hard to define, AIESEC did some research and separated the concept into 4 qualities, that we believe make a great leader. One of these qualities is being a world citizen. Now what does that mean? Enjoying traveling? Being interested in new cultures? I’m pretty sure if you’ve ever talked to anybody about their interests, 80% will have said those things.

Everybody likes to travel. But what makes a true world citizen, is being interested in what is going on in our world. These days, most people are very well informed about the issues that are going on in their country. With social media, information is just one Google search away. But we are not divided by countries so that we can all be separated into our own bubbles. We all live on the same planet and it’s well-being should be the concern of everyone. That is why it’s important to also educate yourself about the situations in other countries of the world.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Even though it may not be in your 5-year-plan to help other people and to make a positive change in the world, it’s something that is worth investing your time in. In the words of Robert Swan, “The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It”. What are you doing about it?

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