What inspired me to come back to AIESEC

With a youth population in Cambodia under the age of thirty making up 68% of the 14.8 million people and a GDP growth rate of 7%, Cambodia is a young country with a lot of energy and potential.

The Global Leaders Summit 2015 in Phnom Penh hosted by AIESEC brings together 200 young leaders from AIESEC’s network of 125 countries and territories. Emily Jones who was invited to chair the conference is a former AIESECer and was Director of Western Europe & North America with AIESEC International in 2009-2010. Originating from AIESEC in Canada, she led the the entity as President in 2008-09, and is now as Associate Lecturer at the University of Sydney’s Business School, teaching students about critical thinking in business.

When asked about her initial thoughts after being away for 5 years, Emily responded with: “The energy, passion and the belief that people have in AIESEC’s mission is refreshing and exciting to experience after having left the organization 5 years ago. To be back in an environment where there is a constant sense of urgency and purpose that is shared amongst everyone reinforces my belief in the journey that AIESEC offers young people.”

AIESEC Conference

“What struck me was how people were making decisions with responsibility and having deep conversations to better understand issues at hand” continued Emily.

Emily’s advice to young people in AIESEC was to not under-estimate the power of the opportunities that AIESEC gives them and to understand that it is very rare at a young age that we are given such real responsibilities.

When asked why Emily accepted the invitation, she responded: “I really wanted to give back to the organization that has given me so much during my years in AIESEC.”