Don’t worry, Be happy

What is the one thing that everyone has in common? We’ve all got 99 problems. No matter who you are, or what you’re doing, it’s likely that you will run into a speed bump eventually. If you are in a leadership position, your chances increase. So what can you do to avoid this?

I’m sorry to tell you this but the answer is nothing. Problems cannot be avoided, otherwise perfection would be reality. But the truth is that nothing ever goes perfectly. Instead of trying so hard to focus on perfection and trying to make sure that everything is ideal, try to work on your reaction to situations when something doesn’t go as planned. You have pretty much 3 options:

Number 1: You completely freak out, lose control and cry yourself to sleep in the fetal position.

Number 2: You just ignore it and hope for the best.

Number 3: You try to stay positive, open minded and look for a solution.

I don’t know which one of those sounds the best to you (we all enjoy being in the fetal position occasionally), but I would say number 3 is a safe bet. The truth is that when things go wrong, all you can do is try to fix them or try to find an alternative. Sometimes, the alternative even ends up being better than the original, but you can’t and won’t be able to experience that if you just freak out and freeze.

As Willie Nelson said Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Almost as important as thinking positively throughout hardships, is that the people around you do the same. If you are in a leadership position, you have to lead this attitude by example. If others see you calm, with a smile on your face, they will know that everything is okay and they will also be calm and think clearly. Because, let’s be honest, if in five years you look back at a bad moment, and it won’t seem that bad, then your problem really isn’t that big. And with a calm demeanor and positive thinking, you can always come up with some solution that will smooth things over.

So next time when you find yourself in a difficult situation, and you feel like there is nothing else that you can do to fix it, take a moment, breathe and stay positive, then you are sure to come up with an alternative.

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