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Reminder: Do not celebrate this day, champion.

Picture this; it’s the 21st century, there are no hate-crimes, refugees have been integrated in communities around the world and granted access to education, there are women in parliaments where women could not vote before, gender-discrimination in the workplace is a thing of the past, and no woman is forced to marry her rapist based […]

The Digital: An oblivion or awakening?

Blogpost Writer: Laura Sabrina Al Bast  Have you noticed how social media explodes with hashtags uniting people together in times of crisis? #YesAllWomen and #BlackLivesMatter are one example. Unity and solidarity on a digital platform has become a new norm for seeking justice. In George Friedman’s book on geopolitics, The next 100 years, he mentions […]

World NGO Day: Celebrating Civic Engagement

Blogpost Writer: Laura Sabrina Al Bast Who hasn’t seen all the social media posts endorsing the power of youth engaging in travel, volunteerism, innovation, or entrepreneurship. It’s everywhere; conferences popping up with speakers high in the tech or media industries, competitions on sustainable innovations and startups, or even grants or fellowships for young entrepreneurs. It […]

Language: A diversity of thought

Blogpost Writer: Frans Astala Do you remember what it was like to not speak or understand English? At some point, when you’ve become fluent enough in a language, you start taking it for granted. If you are reading this, it’s more likely that you speak English as a second, or even a third language, than […]

Let’s talk about Poverty

Blogpost Writer: Frans Astala Poverty is one of the most fundamental problems of humanity.  It is present throughout the world and in contrast to the simplicity of its definition, scarcity or lack of money or possessions, it lacks a simple solution. Today, the young leaders of the world will get together to talk about the […]

March, Roar: On Women’s Rights

Blogpost writer: Frans Astala Over half a million people participated in the Women’s March in Washington D.C. last Saturday. In addition to this, through hundreds of cities around the world, dubbed sister marches were organised, from Australia to Argentina; serving a powerful call for women’s rights.  Last Monday we discussed the Civil Rights movement in honor of […]

A Game of Musical Chairs: On Youth Participation

Blogpost Writer: Laura Sabrina Al Bast Abraham Lincoln’s famous words, Government of the people, for the people, by the people, are often quoted as a definition of democracy. And though it has been excessively challenged and demanded over the years, democracy is characterized with implementing the will of the people. The people in that case, […]