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Do what you like and like what you do

You often hear things like “you have to take responsibility for your actions” and “it’s up to you to make a difference”. Well, those things are true. But why not make an impact by doing things you like? Nobody is saying you have to eliminate world hunger single handedly. Small things you can do every […]

The I in believe

If you have been staying up to date with everything AIESEC related, you probably know that we have big goals. We are always talking about creating an impact and making the world a better place. And it’s true! To actually even get close to achieving the 2030 agenda, we all have to pitch in. Power […]

Be a Superman/Woman

When you think about improving yourself and becoming a better person, what do you think of? Most people would say that to become a better person, you have to work on your weaknesses so that eventually you have none. But is this really the right way to go? Perfection is unattainable. It is a dream, […]

10.000$ champagne

Life is hard. I think we can all agree. You wake up in the morning, trying your best to succeed and the universe keeps getting in the way and making things difficult. Challenges are something I’ve been confronted with since I was young and I believe that they will never subside. It wasn’t until last […]

Be all talk!

When you think of a great leader, what is one of the first things you think of? I think of somebody who can communicate well, whether it’s holding a captivating speech or just discussing an idea in a small circle of people. How can you become a great communicator? Unfortunately, it’s not easy. It’s not […]

Don’t worry, Be happy

What is the one thing that everyone has in common? We’ve all got 99 problems. No matter who you are, or what you’re doing, it’s likely that you will run into a speed bump eventually. If you are in a leadership position, your chances increase. So what can you do to avoid this? I’m sorry […]

Farm for your life

The Sustainable Development Goals have very clear goals. No Poverty, Climate Action, Quality Education etc. But often times, when looking at the current events happening around the world, it’s hard to just isolate one issue at a time as they are often interconnected. This week in SDG X is a novel writing initiative to keep […]

No moral compass

While growing up, we are all subjected to different environments. In fact, not two people on this planet have had exactly the same experiences. That is what makes each of us unique. All these different circumstances are the reason why each of us develops specific views, specific values and what later becomes our personality. However, […]

No planet B

Contrary to popular belief, humans are actually not the only living things on this planet. And we are not the only one’s who are struggling. Forests are home to more than 80 percent of all terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects. As of 2008, land degradation affected 1.5 billion people globally. 74 per cent […]