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The Burden of Workplace Diversity

It’s easy to view diversity only as a question of tolerance and progressiveness. If you’re the kind of person who is reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you see diversity as a good thing, and can even take it as granted. Being against diversity can seem conservative, backwards or close-minded. But when money […]

Why we’re all right and wrong

We have all had experiences of arguments where we feel like we’re talking to a wall. No matter how you phrase it, the other person just seems to be incapable of understanding what you’re saying. At some point you might as well just give up because it feels like there’s no point. Or maybe you […]

Survival tips for a post-truth world

“Apple Introduces Revolutionary Laptop With No Keyboard”. On the surface everything about the video seems right. The tone of voice is convincing. Even the graphics look just like from a real news broadcast. It is what seems to be a tech news report from the unveiling of Apple’s latest product. There’s an interview with a […]

Back to the Future: Cars so fly

On October 21st of 2015, a heavily modified De Lorean DMC-12 emerges on a highway of flying cars accompanied by bolts of lightning. Dr. Emmett Brown, Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker ascend down to the town of Hill Valley to find a future of 3D-holograms, voice controlled home appliances, very different from their […]

Knock. Knock.

How do you relate to your neighbors in your culture? Is it normal to invite them to each other’s house for a cup of tea and a chat? Do you limit your interaction to a polite hello and a smile? Or do you perhaps wait in your apartment when you hear them in the corridor, […]

Forever in student debt

The job market isn’t what it used to be. Many who have grown up in the industrialized countries envy older generations for how easy it was to get a job. Those from developing countries often see more opportunities brought by economic growth, but also face a more competitive environment. In both cases the rules have […]

A Homeless Generation of Builders

The me, me and me generation is constantly being told how they are the most narcissistic and spoiled generation in the history of humankind. If you use the amount of selfies as your yardstick, then yes, it might make you believe that the youth of today are more self centered than the generations before. But […]