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A Homeless Generation of Builders

The me, me and me generation is constantly being told how they are the most narcissistic and spoiled generation in the history of humankind. If you use the amount of selfies as your yardstick, then yes, it might make you believe that the youth of today are more self centered than the generations before. But […]

On consumer rights and the right to consume

Think about all the things you buy on a weekly basis. All the clothes, food and the commuting you do, all the things that produce a carbon footprint, which is pretty much encompasses everything we do in a modern society. Would you be able to cut down 3 fourths of it, and get by with […]

The Voice: Social Media between good and bad

Beginning from the 1st of January, employees in France have had the ”right to disconnect”, or in other words, the right to not use technology for work outside of working hours. Being constantly connected to work with digital devices has been associated with stress and even burnouts. Detrimental aspects of social media are frequenting news […]