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Who are the most influential individuals helping young people make career decisions?

For most youth, building up a career is a lifelong process of engaging in the world of work, while skimming through different employment opportunities made available to them. As such, many factors can help influence a young person’s decision making when it comes to undertaking such milestones; including their social backgrounds, their personalities and their […]

3 Skills that education is failing to equip young people with

Education should be a fulfilling experience where individuals bring the learning skills they have developed all throughout their educational lives to their careers, in order to be successful, well-rounded people. Many valuable skills are taught at school, high school and college, although most of the times the academic curriculum does not include other practical and […]

How to make your young employees stay?

Recent graduates nowadays find it hard to stick to a workplace they are currently at. It is not the workplace itself that actually bothers them; it is the treatment they receive from their employers. The answers to why the youth want to stay at a particular workplace thus can be varied. Some of the most […]

Reasons for high employee turnover with the youth

Companies around the globe are facing high employee turnover, especially among the youth. But what are the possible reasons behind this? High employee turnover can be due to the youth leaving their current company because they have found a better position at another company. The new position may be more attractive to them; offering more […]