Why should youth care about the sustainability?

Exactly one year ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. During this time the initiative Youth4GlobalGoals become one of most powerful movements towards the SDGs. The reach has crossed more than 120 countries and territories around the world.

According to the YouthSpeak Survey results, only 46% of young people know about the SDGs. However, they are the ones who will experience the consequences of implementation of the Goals the most. The level of engagement of young people in the Agenda today will directly result in the state of the world in 2030.

While majority (68%) believes the society will be in better state in 2030, young people still ask the question about who is responsible for implementing the SDGs. In reality, youth still relies on the public sector while it’s partnership between public, private sectors and civil society that will be a key to success this time.

Starting from the adoption of the SDGs, the United Nations has created The Lazy Person’s Guide to Save the World, which outlines kinds of small actions that will help to achieve the SDGs. AIESEC believes that each and every young person can play an active role in the Agenda.

Youth 4 Global Goals campaign was created to mobilise young people to take action towards the SDGs. It has a set of initiatives aimed to make people aware about the Global Goals, understand them and act:

  • Youth Speak Survey: the survey got 162,292 answers until today, engaging people across more than 120 countries. The result is the voice of Millennials giving an opinion about what SDGs they would act upon, what kind of motives and fears they have.

  • Youth Speak Forum: an event realized around the world that brings together young and senior leaders to form a space for inspiring conversations and creation of actionable ideas around global issues. In various countries governments and UN agencies have supported the event. The output taken from the Latin American version was presented in PrepCom3 in July that presents youth inputs to new Urban agenda. During the last 6 months event was run in 121 location engaging 23,500 people.

  • Youth Speak Projects: considering the insights got in the Survey, AIESEC is running the social projects around SDGs and Millennials needs. This is how a young person gets an opportunity to directly contribute to an issue he or she relates the most to, while developing the leadership potential.

Organizations like Asian Development Bank, PVBLIC Foundation and UN Habitat were the founding partners of the campaign and many more are joining the movement now.

To learn more about the Youth4GlobalGoals campaign, visit youth4globalgoals.org

Visit the website! Y4GG

Tanya Landysheva

Global Head of Public Relations



One Hour 4 Peace

Considering that lack of humanity and war are the biggest fears for Millennials in the future, on September 21st AIESEC invites young people to celebrate the International Peace Day and share their voices through One Hour 4 Peace campaign.

On September the 21th the International Peace Day will be celebrated worldwide by many organizations. This year, the main theme is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace”, since development and peace are interdependent and mutually reinforcing, the SDGs are integral to achieve peace in our time.

According to the last YouthSpeak Survey, Millennials’ biggest fears are lack of humanity, corruption, global warming, war and lack of resources. That’s why for an international youth-led organization AIESEC this celebration represents an opportunity to share what Peace means for young people.

AIESEC strives to build the world where people can work towards their own understanding of Peace while respecting and understanding the view of others. Since its foundation achieving peace & fulfillment of humankind’s potential has been AIESEC’s vision. Mobilizing youth towards the SDGs is a commitment that AIESEC presented to the UN Envoy of Youth and UN Deputy Secretary-General in December 2015, embracing SDGs as the new context for achieving peace.

Young people all over the world have already started the conversation about their definition of Peace. It is crucial to remember: no matter how complex it is, the way for humanity to get there is through small actions and creating a ripple effect of positive change. This is why for this Peace Day AIESEC has started One Hour 4 Peace campaign, engaging Millennials to answer a simple question: ‘How would you create a more peaceful world in the next hour?

AIESEC invites every young person to can send your contribution through a video or link to info@ai.aiesec.org, or use the hashtag #OneHour4Peace on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and they can be part of the final Global video portraying how youth actions can make the difference.

“I don’t give a Damn about Peace”

That was the ‘mic-drop’ moment from my conversation with a friend about the upcoming International Day of Peace. I was at a loss, didn’t know what to say, my intellectual facts about Peace were forgotten, my anecdotes of the past – gone.

I’ll admit, I was born in Australia. Down Under. We’re so disconnected from the world, we even don’t fully understand the concept of war, or at least I didn’t. Peace is easy to believe in and stand up for when that’s all you’ve ever known. Non-violence and solving problems through conversation and healthy debate is the logical answer when you have established structures and people who believe in those structures.

couldn’t answer why he should give a damn about Peace because I was suddenly hit the realisation that I was talking about Peace from a life, my life, that has always taken peace for granted.

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-21 a las 10.55.09 AM

The world is not peaches and roses – once said my Dad, he always reminds me of his childhood, being born in the middle of WWII in Scotland.

But then isn’t it even more imperative for those who face conflict, struggles, discrimination, indignity and death to believe in Peace and Non-violence? I started to get angry, frustrated, judgemental, Why, Why don’t you believe in Peace!?

I don’t think I’ll ever have the perfect statistic or the right anecdote to lecture at him. Because that’s just, not the point. I’d rather empathize, understand what is happening, ask the right questions and simply role model how I believe humans who believe in Peace should behave. So the next time someone drops the mic on me with “I don’t give a damn about Peace”. I’m not going to get angry, judgemental or try to turn on lecture mode. My auto-response? “Oh, that’s interesting, why do you believe that?”.

Will I change their mind? Yes, No, I’m not sure. But at least I’m demonstrating that my small actions, and how I demonstrate Peace, can make a difference.



Millennials are speaking up about what they care the most

160,292 young people answered to the global YouthSpeak survey engaging people across more than 120 countries. The report gives insights on how to engage Millennials to take actions for a better world.

The most important insights found in the report:

    • Family, Purpose in Life and Love are primary motives for Millennials.
    • They would Travel, Teach, Help and Build something if they were paid for doing anything they want.
    • 5 years after graduation they expect to have global opportunities (17%), training opportunities (14%), a meaningful work (13%) and work-life balance (13%).
    • 26% see themselves working at a Multinational Corporation  in 10 years.
    • 17% see themselves working at a Startup in 10 years.
    • 68% thinks that society will be better by 2030.
    • Biggest fears for Millennials are Lack of Humanity, Corruption, Global Warming, Wars & Lack of Resources.
    • They are mostly informed through Facebook (61%), TV (34%) and E-Newspapers (29%).
    • Only 45% knows about the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The Global Goals they care about the most are #4 Quality Education (48%), #1 No Poverty (33%) and #3 Good Health (29%).

To learn more insights about youth, download  the complete report here: aiesec.org/youthspeak/

Ahmad Alhendawi – UN Secretary-General’s Envoy of Youth, Chris Morris – Head of Asian Development Bank, Agnès Hussherr – Global Human Capital Leader PwC International Limited, Léin Wijnands – ING Bank Global Head of Sustainability, Catherine Clothier – Director of Operations at Barret Values Centre, John Trew – Regional Youth Employment Specialist at Plan International in Asia, Iris Caluag – Youth Employment Solutions Associate at Plan International in Asia, Douglas Ragan – Youth Unit Chief at UN Habitat, Sergio Fernandez PVBLIC Foundation Co-Founder, Barbara Rambousek – Associate Director for Economic Inclusion and Marija Milanovic – Nokia Global AIESEC Coordinator  shared their perspective about the power of youth and how important it is to know and mobilise them towards Global Goals.

“We should take seriously the findings of this report and commit ourselves to working to mobilize and empower young people to take action on the SDGs” said the UN Envoy of Youth Secretary-General.

Youth actions towards the Global Goals were presented in Nexus Summit

DuringNexus Global Youth Summit hosted at United Nations Headquarters, AIESEC presented how its activities aligned towards the Global Goals, becoming the “umbrella” which mobilizes companies, NGOs, governments and Youth together.

The intervention of Niels Caszo, president of AIESEC International started with a massage-energizer, common in the AIESEC culture which finished in claps. He explained the three main activities that the organization is doing to support the SDGs:

  • Youth For Global Goals: an initiative that aims to reach 1 billion people to meet the SDGs and mobilize youth to act upon the SDGs in partnership with Asian Development Bank, PVBLIC Foundation and UN Habitat.
  • YouthSpeak Survey: the opportunity to know what youth cares about the most and what they want to take action on. The survey got more than 160,000 answers until today.
  • Social projects: according to the insights found, Global Goals #4 Quality Education, #1 No Poverty and #3 Good Health and Well-Being are the ones youth cares about  the most. AIESEC aligned their social projects to support different issues.

AIESEC wants to create the umbrella campaign which brings people together to work with the SDGs and youth supporting the Global Goal #17 Partnerships for the Goals.

“We believe that Leadership is the fundamental solution to the challenges the world faces”, said the President of AIESEC International.

Nexus Global Youth Summit is an annual summit realized to between millennials, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors. The last version was the 6th and the topic was  Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship and Partnerships framed around advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

The panel was moderated by Shannon O’shea – UNICEF Program Specialist, also Chris Arnold – CEO & Founder at World Merit, Adam from Merit 360 APE, Lucie Gareton from Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth and Niels Caszo president of AIESEC International.